Carmen B.

I've trained with several other trainers and none have been as motivational as Teddy. He is always there by my side egging me on and pushing me to do one more rep, one more set. He brings a great attitude and always makes it fun. He understands my goals and tailors my training to my goals, always pushing me a little bit harder and a little bit further. Staying fit takes a lot of personal discipline, but it also takes the right knowledge. I have been training with Teddy more than four years and I've achieved many of my goals but still I learn more with every training session. New exercises, nutrition, and good form – Teddy has taught me a lot!

May 2011
Castro Valley, CA

Leanne T.

I began training with Teddy Anderson in January of this year with the goal of getting in shape for my wedding. This is my first time training with a personal trainer so I didn't know what to expect. Teddy really has helped me get results. I am a big girl so I thought results would be slow but I was surprised. I went down three dress sizes. I think my feet even loss weight because I had to buy 1/2 size smaller shoes now. It has been a total transformation. I am continuing  my training even though my wedding has come and gone because I am sooo happy with the results. I never thought I would be so into exercising and "working out" but Teddy makes it fun and I am never bored. The gym is a great place to work out because of its private, low key atmosphere. Its not like the big corporate giants where people are always trying to sell you something. So if you need a great personal trainer, Teddy Anderson is your man.

November 7, 2010
San Lorenzo, CA

Valerie B.

I started working out with Teddy or as I call him, "Coach", in July 2010 trying to lose a few pounds for my vacation in October. In just a few short months I began to notice improvements in my balance, strength, and tone. I started to feel better and have more energy, and my clothes fit better. Teddy's workouts are challenging but he motivates you and makes you want to work harder. My favorite Teddy saying is, "Don't Give Up On Yourself"! I have tried working out on my own but there is just no comparison to the personal training program and support Teddy provides. "Coach" Teddy is an awesome trainer and a genuinely nice person who cares about the health and fitness of his clients.

April 22, 2011
Rodeo, CA

Lynn S.

I called Teddy Anderson to ask about  personal training I had lost 65 lbs and still had a lot more to lose. I have always felt very uncomfortable about going to a gym and when I told Teddy how I felt he told me there is no reason to feel that way we are all here to help. With that said I set up and appointment with him to see what if would be like.

The experience has been more then I could have ever imaged Teddy showed me how to believe in myself and never give up. Working out with Teddy has been an amazing experience he has pushed me to levels that I never thought I could do. I have lost another 40 lbs with him in a short 10 weeks and still going strong. Teddy is a great trainer and a genuine person.

November 10, 2010
Pleasanton, CA

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